Online web based TDS Returns application to help the deductors to complaint with the Income tax Department of India for filing their TDS returns promptly.

Who we are

A group of passionate youngsters who supported deductors to file TDS Returns during the last ten years.
A perfect blend of Knowledge in Law, rules, technology and experience.
A team ready to support the dedcutors at anywhere in india.
Empathy to help others, the word that leads the team.


Always updated

24 x 7 Access from anywhere

High data security

Handling of large number of data

Pay as per use

Qualified and expert support team


  • Covers all forms;
    • Form 24Q for deduction from salary
    • Form 26Q for deduction from Non Salary
    • Form 27Q for deduction from Nonresident.
  • Import and Export of data from excel
  • TAN Verification
  • PAN Verification
  • Challan verification
  • Automatic Validation of Return
  • Anticipatory statement preparation for salary deductions
  • Auto tax calculation for non-salary deductions
  • Automatic Default calculation
  • Automatic Generation of form 16/16A
  • Online filing of TDS Returns
  • Dashboard for cross checking
  • All types of Correction Returns
  • Validation of certificate u/s 197


Type Of Institute Rate
LP School Rs 125/-
UP School Rs 250/-
HS & HSS Rs 500/-
Govt. Offices Rs 125/-
Others Rs 125/-
Uploading Charges
0-100 50
101-1000 210
Above 1000 683

How to reach support team?

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